Correx – No Eyelids (Min. 6 order)


Correx – No Eyelids (Min. 6 order)

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Correx – No Eyelids (Min. 6 order) 

R85.00 Each

Size: 600 x 400

What exactly is a Correx board?

Correx is a fluted plastic board constructed of corrugated polypropylene that is fluted. It’s stiff, colorfast,
waterproof, and weatherproof, making it ideal for outdoor signs and advertising. Correx is also extremely
light, at only 3mm thick*, making it simple to carry and install at your desired position.

What is the composition of Correx boards?

Correx is a brand name for an extruded polypropylene sheet with two walls. It’s commonly referred to as
corrugated plastic, but unlike corrugated cardboard, which is made up of three layers, corrugated plastic is
made up of only one sheet, with two flat printed faces and open pipes called ‘flutes’ running through it.

Why Correx signs are a popular marketing tool:

In the signs sector, Correx has become a popular choice. This is not just due of its affordability and
adaptability, but also because it provides the following advantages:

• Resistant to water
Correx is entirely weatherproof, making it an excellent choice for outdoor signage. When left outside, these
signs are entirely resistant to rain and moisture, so they will not fade or smear.

• Non-crackable
Correx signs are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They are resistant to outside conditions such as high
winds and temperature fluctuations since they do not readily shatter.

• It is non-toxic.
Correx signs are ecologically safe since they are non-toxic.

• Suitable for a variety of printing processes
These boards are simple to print on and work well with a variety of printing techniques, including screen,
digital, and flexography.

• Correx signs are not only cost-effective, but also totally recyclable. These boards may be re-used several
times, making them a cost-effective sign solution.

More about our Printer:

Eco Solvent printing, often known as “Solvent printing,” is an inkjet plotter-based printing technology.
That is to say, pigment solvent ink that has taken the position of traditional aquatic ink was created from
organic chemicals.

The solvent printing method can be split into two groups depending on witch ink you choose mostly used for
indoor. Eco solvent printing is better for the environment. However, this type of printing is usually thick
and has a faint smell. As a result people are less likely to use solvent ink inside. Moreover eco solvent
printing is easily recyclable and clear of toxic materials.