Gloss Banner with Eyelets 2.0m x 1.5m


Gloss Banner with Eyelets 2.0m x 1.5m

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Gloss Banner with Eyelets 

Long-lasting and sturdy. Gloss banner with 10 eyelets. Size: 2.0m x 1.5m.

About banners:

When it comes to quality, in-your-face brand display. Banners with eyelets are definitely at the top of
the pyramid of visual advertising. You just can’t go wrong with them.
Banners have been there for as long as anyone can remember. They date back to a time of enormous social change
that was motivated by transformations in the scientific and technological fields.

Consequently, as a result online advertising allows you to promote your brand and products over nearly the whole Internet.
However, factors like exposition, location, and target audiences limit you in the real world.
It’s no easy work to make banner design a vital step in creating a captivating and attention-grabbing wall
banner. Therefore, obtaining a suitable banner with eyelets has never been easier thanks to our online store.

Our tie-up choices are perfect for outdoor events and other occasions when you want to draw attention to your
company. We understand that well-designed banners must be both strong and weather-resistant.
In other words, this makes banner advertising a smart investment, because you not only get a great advertising product.
You also get a product that lasts a long time and gives huge benefits to your business.

More about our Printer:

Eco Solvent printing, often known as “Solvent printing,” is an inkjet plotter-based printing technology.
That is to say, pigment solvent ink that has taken the position of traditional aquatic ink was created from
organic chemicals.

The solvent printing method can be split into two groups depending on witch ink you choose mostly used for
indoor. Eco solvent printing is better for the environment. However, this type of printing is usually thick
and has a faint smell. As a result people are less likely to use solvent ink inside. Moreover eco solvent
printing is easily recyclable and clear of toxic materials.

About our materials:

DigiFlex Blackout is a blackout PVC banner created digitally for interior and outdoor signage.
Designed especially for full-color images with common end uses such as banners with eyelets, large-format billboards,
and any other usage requiring a block-out feature.

Product composition:

Layer 1: Firstly a white matte-finish printable PVC film with excellent resolution and ink adhesion.
Layer 2: Secondly a high durability and low shrinkage polyester warp knitted fabric. Specially designed warp knitted
fabric with extra binding yarn for greater stability and strength.
Layer 3: In addition pure black flexible PVC film has a 100 percent opacity and is specifically made with black film.

Advantages of the product:

To sum up it has exceptional weather resistance. (UV, rain, fungus, and frost).
Tear/impact and fade resistance.
Exceptional printing results.
Surface is really matte and smooth.
Corrosion resistant.  (acid, alkali etc.).
(-20°C to 70°) High temperature resistance.
Surface is waterproof and self-cleaning.


How do eyelets work?
Eyelets are little metal loops that form an enclosed hole when inserted into fabric. When pressure is
applied to join the two sections of the eyelets to create an enclosed hole in the fabric.

The use of eyelets.
Eyelets are metal or plastic loops that are inserted into holes that were made through another cloth.
They shield the sharp edges of those holes and create and enclosed hole in the cloth.